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Gender Leadership Re-imagined

International Womens' Day

Many well-educated women face a power paradox. Despite their achievements, ambition, and intelligence, their efforts to challenge the long-standing patriarchal framework and rigid structures in business, government and education are thwarted by cultural biases. To be accepted and gain a seat at the table, some women have gone so far as to adopt hyper-masculine traits or the opposite, habits associated with the Feminine Filter; “do it all, look good and be nice” all of which conform to the path of least resistance .

It is time for change and develop a more balanced approach.

Fortunately, there is a global shift, we are entering a new stage of consciousness. By fully harnessing the multiple and complimentary intelligence of both genders, new perspectives and solutions are possible to solve global challenges. Audre Lorde said, "the master's tools will never dismantle the master's house”. It is time for women to lead with a new voice, heightened maturity, choosing the 'higher ground' and as Virginia Woolf suggested "redesign the house with new words and new methods" .

What are these new words and methods? The path is clear: Feminine grace, integrated feminine and masculine balance and innate wisdom.