• Courageous Conversations: different thinking leads to different results

    Women are entering structures designed by and for men. Would women fit themselves into these structures, becoming in effect like men, or would women make a difference: bring an outsider's eye, a different voice, challenge the framework - the way we structure love and work?." Carol Gilligan 2008

    When I, (Michelle) think of Carol Gilligan's profound research and quote in 2008, I am reminded of how critical Courageous Conversations are to leadership development, personal relationships and the workplace. In this era of immense societal change, how would you answer her question, and what are the skills required for you to be an authentic leader, present and open to change? How do you honor your people where they are at? We believe having a courageous conversation is a good place to start.


    In the following two videos Graeme and I challenge outdated beliefs, assumptions and identify paths of least resistance.

    It is these paths we travel as we meet at 'the interchange' of new ideas and better ways of being.


    Stay tuned for our serious of Courageous Conversations:

    • Male Fragility
    • How Men Can 'Desire, Inspire & Invite' women into leadership
    • Conscious Money

    Feminine Filter & Masculine Mantra

    Michelle Waters and Graeme Bowman identify and begin to discuss the self limiting beliefs and artificial disconnect between the Masculine Mantra and Feminine Filter as it plays out in workplaces, relationships and communities.

    Male Hubris to theRescue!

    Graeme Bowman: a critique on hyper-masculine leadership.

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