From The Pyramid To The Circle



    Co-creating leaders by integrating the best of feminine and masculine excellence in business and life

  • "Traveling the paths of least resistance we meet at 'the interchange' of new ideas and better ways of working and being."

    Michelle A. Waters

    We work with clients to ensure leadership is balanced, realized and optimized across operations. We do this at the intersection of learning and leading by providing pioneering, cost-effective coherent consulting and coaching programs. Our approach is novel and capitalizes on the complimentary strength and creative breakthroughs available when conscious leadership fully embraces and genuinely values their people, their business and their bottom line as a force for good. The resulting change in leadership behavior is designed to promote a generative, impactful, motivated and engaged workforce informed by different perspectives and multiple intelligences.


    Employer Benefits


    Improved motivation, creativity retention

    Improved thought leadership, critical review and problem solving


    A complimentary process we call "co-creating leaders".

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