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    Johanna E. Hollowich

    Johanna is an adjunct faculty member at UCLA Department of Engineering, Information Systems and Technical Management. Johanna has 25 + years consulting and training experience, and specializes in global leadership, performance management, mentoring and personal development for optimizing individual and organizational performance. Johanna holds a MSc. Adult Learning Learning & Education.

    Nilima Bhat

    Nilima Bhat has 24+ years of global corporate experience and consciousness-based health and growth training. Nilima facilitates personal transformation, gender reconciliation and diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Nilima is the founder of Shakti Leadership & Shakti Fellowship and co-author with Raj Sisodia of Shakti Leadership: Embracing Feminine and Masculine Power in Business.

      Annalise Jennings

      Annalise is a highly experienced business and community strategist and consultant who uses risk culture and governance principles to deliver sustainable outcomes across various industry sectors and community organizations, locally and globally. Annalise introduced the concept that of whole community change and that lasting social reform can only be achieved by community growth and economic development, not intervention. Se applies her ground breaking work to organizational culture in the U>S to much acclaim.

        Bryan Donohue

        Bryan is a freelance analyst, researcher, administrator and project manager for Interchange. He has led projects in Kenya and assists Interchange with marketing, business development and project management. He holds a M. PH, University of Minnesota and B. Psych from Colorado College.

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