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    Jack and Jill and the Feminine Filter and Masculine Mantra This article was jointly written...
    “Women are entering structures designed by and for men. Would women fit themselves into these...
    It surprises me how many people who care about gender equity still don't know the impact and...
    *** Connecting Beyond Borders & Boundaries Creating a world in which we all flourish 11 December...
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    Our Strength, Experience & Wisdom

    Jodi Ecker Detjen: Michelle A. Waters: Kelly Watson

    Why do women find work-life balance so hard? Why is having it all such an elusive quest? Why haven't women yet reached parity in the leadership ranks? The Orange Line probes these questions and is based on a study of 118 interviews across America. It inspires women to look inward, challenge self limiting beliefs, find - and claim - their power and purpose. Importantly, the book outlines the skills and change process to actualize a whole life.


    Jodi Ecker Detjen: Michelle A. Waters: Kelly Watson

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    The Feminine Filter

    Michelle A. Waters

    Transcript from an interview with show host Lisa Caprelli and Brian Gaps from The Business Experience Show where Michelle outlines assumptions and one of six bad habits that spring from a woman's Feminine Filter which limits or even sabotages a women's leadership potential, career, finances, and experiencing a prosperous, full life. See also https://youtu.be/_pXBw91gu7o

    Michelle A. Waters & E. Anne Bardoel: Asia Pacific Journal of HR

    This study uses qualitative data from focus group interviews to investigate factors that influence employees' decisions to use or not use work–family policies. The data identified 5 barriers that limit the use of flexible work policies: lack of communication, high workloads, management attitudes, career repercussions, influence of peers, and administrative processes. This study reinforces the notion that organizational commitment to an environment that supports work and family integration is not merely about providing policies for their symbolic value, but is also about creating a workplace culture that supports and encourages the use of the policies.

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