• Courageous Conversations: different thinking leads to different results

    At Interchange, we recognize the importance of inner transformation to foster external results:

    1. Listening and facilitating Courageous (sensitive) Conversations

    2. Reviewing current policies, practices and assessing the disconnect i.e. in workplace culture using soft and hard data

    3. Implementing cutting-edge solutions that include change management, professional development, training and coaching

    In the following videos Graeme and I challenge outdated beliefs, assumptions and identify paths of least resistance. Based on the assumptions, norms and unconscious beliefs identified, we bring the curiosity, energy, and care to a situation that not only helps but at times paradigm shifts ideas to a new level.


    Stay tuned for more videos of Courageous Conversations

    Deep Dive Into Difference & Mutual Respect

    Conscious.money - is there a difference!

    Feminine Filter & Masculine Mantra

    Michelle Waters and Graeme Bowman identify and begin to discuss the self limiting beliefs and artificial disconnect between the Feminine Filter and Masculine Mantra as it plays out in workplaces, relationships and communities.

    Money & Purpose

    Conscious.money - is there a difference!

    Male Hubris to the Rescue!

    Graeme Bowman: a critique on hyper-masculine leadership.

    Finding Your Career & Family Path

    The Orange Line: A Woman's Guide to Integrating Career Family & Life


    Male Fragility


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