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    Michelle Waters

    Our unique coaching and mentoring involves a process of self discovery and personal accountability to allow for transformative new insights occur. Our process allows for life-altering worldview shifts, meaningful change, mindful actions, and creative energy to flow. The result for those willing to journey, is to understand and align their talents, strengths, potential and purpose so they show up confidently with agency and impact.


    Often we delve into beliefs about money because although it is not about the money per se, money archetypes and hard wiring about money can impact a person's career choices, sense of worth, meaning and purpose.


    See also Conscious Money


    We offer face to face or virtual global sessions in two modes:

    1. Individual - Ask about our short term packages
    2. Mastery Circles 

    The process is highly engaging, streamlined and very supportive. We assess each individuals current state to uncover beliefs, bias, behavioral patterns, and latent talents to elevate contribution and purpose.

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    "I am forever grateful for Michelle's coaching, insight and expertise! I am absolutely seeing how much it helped...daily."


    "Michelle’s sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor made working with her a joy. She will bring her exceptional skills, professionalism and years of valuable experiences."

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