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    Michelle Waters

    Our unique coaching and mentoring involves a process of self discovery and personal accountability to allow for transformative new insights aligned with your true self and purpose. Our process allows for worldview shifts, meaningful change, mindful actions, and creative energy to flow. The result for those willing to journey is to understand and align their talent, strength, potential and purpose in order to show up with agency and positively influence those they serve.


    We assess creativity, various intelligences, archetypes and hard wiring which can impact a person's career, sense of worth and meaning. This coaching is highly engaging, streamlined and very supportive. We assess each individual's current state to uncover beliefs, bias, behavioral patterns, and latent talents in order to elevate their contribution.


    We offer four modules that overlap either face to face or virtual global in two modes:

    Individual - Ask about one-off and short term packages

    Mastery Circles


    1. Spiritual Wisdom

    Embark on a quiet journey within to learn the art of be-ing where we uncover your deeper, true and authentic self based on spiritual wisdom that's beyond our thoughts and feelings.


    2. Leadership Acuity

    Develop inner strength through curiosty, recollection, virtues, authenticity and self mastery to lead with wisdom and feminine grace.


    3. Career Family Life Intergration

    Based on our book The Orange Line: A Woman's Guide to Integrating Careet Family & Life we uncover the assumptions, beliefs and unrealistic career, family expectations we are all subjected to in a culture of busyness and noise. Instead, learn the art of inner intergration and balance and skills that help you build inner harmony and outer wellbeing.


    4. Conscious Money

    The way we treat our finaces impacts our well-being. This module allows you to become more self-aware, create greater financial balance and transform your relationship with money. For more information see Conscious.Money

  • Client Feedback

    Client Comments

    "I am forever grateful for Michelle's coaching, insight and expertise! I am absolutely seeing how much it helped...daily." Business Owner, Manhatten Beach, CA.


    "Michelle’s sensitivity, diligence, energy and sense of humor made working with her a joy. She brings her exceptional skills, professionalism and years of valuable experiences." Marketing Manager, Los Angeles, CA.


    Client Feedback

    Client Comments

    " Michelle coaches someoe to achieve their personal best. She engages so fully and whole-heartedly helping someone work through ideas they are already rounded in. Michelle brings the curiosity, energy, and care that not only helps but often-times paradigm shifts the ideas to a new level. I have been able to learn better what I'm thinking when she is present. I recommmend her in character and accommplishment."

    President and CEO, Austin TX.

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