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    What is Integrated Leadership

    "Leadership style and corporate culture often run counter to the overall purpose of an organization, assuming purpose is to deliver great products, quality services, profit and a long-term benefit to the organization and society as a whole."

    Michelle Waters

    We demonstrate how leadership styles, workforce profiles, communities and the environment is evolving. Within this context, the way we currently communicate, manage organizations, institutions and business is increasingly out of date, biased and disconnected from the real needs of people and our globe. This disconnect hurts progress, profits and deployment of capital. For too long, men and women have internalized the belief that leadership requires either / or thinking and a hyper-masculine approach that is separate, individual, adversarial, divisive and win-at-all-costs.


    Our presentations blend humor with heart and soul. Graeme uses satire and comedy, Michelle uses empirical data and critical thinking to critique, and Susie inspires individual leadership development based on personal growth and an integrated self.


    For women it is about leading with their feminine grace and assertive self, for men it is balancing assertiveness with empathy and compassion. Benefits include improved motivation, innovation, creativity, thought leadership, critical review and problem solving: A complimentary process we call "co-creating leaders".



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