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    Leaders whose head and heart crave courageous conversations and a new integrated whole person paradigm.

    We draw on our years of combined experience working with CEO's, Senior Executives and Learning & Development to thoroughly assess external and internal habits and behaviors that limit progress, growth, business and institutional goals. From here we develop a balanced and bespoke approach aligned to corporate culture, values and that supports the rich engagement of talent.


    Instead of creating a leadership team which is ultra-masculine or ultra-feminine, our aim is to develop a complimentary, respectful leadership style that harnesses the expansive power of difference and bringing together disparate groups. This leads to a noticeable shift in corporate culture towards innovation and inclusion of multiple intelligences improving ROI, and sustainable results.


    An important element of our work is to ensure there are opportunities for growth across core areas; workplace culture; recruitment & promotion, leadership development, mentoring, sponsorship, flexible work, and salary parity for equivalent work.

    1. Our approach is conscious, strategic, measurable and EXPANSIVE.
    2. Our process includes ongoing accountability and is imbedded in the culture and performance management.
    3. Our work is informed by systems thinking, neuroscience, developmental psychology, archetypes, values, change theory and memes of consciousness.
    4. We act to support Athena Swan in higher education and EDGE certification.
    The creation of a Gender Balanced Score Card surfaced after talking with Nilima Bhat about Shakti Leadership, current KPI's and pondering salary disparity between women and men related to Peter Drucker's famous quote “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” This Gender Balanced Score Card is one element of a different collaboration with Financial Advisor extraordinaire, Shan Sutherland from Simple Impact and our work on a Gender Empirical Metrics (GEM) framework for investing. It is one tool we have in our tool kit.