• Professional Development

    Experiential and Coversational

    Individuals & Groups

    We honor people where they are. Our professional development doesn't smell like training and challenges self limiting assumptions, promotes a growth mindset and develops new habits in 6 critical areas; strategic influence: communication, meaning, team work, executive presence, and career/family/life integration. Women gain advanced awareness, capabilities and confidence in their whole unique feminine contribution. Men gain awareness strengthening their leadership from a whole self perspective increasing their desire for greater understanding within interpersonal relationships.


    Our whole systems approach is based upon research, EQ & SQ, neuroscience, developmental psychology, universal wisdom, and empirical evidence. Importantly, our training is about critical conversations designed to disrupt old thinking and foster a meaningful change in habits and mutual respect.


    We use actors, multi media, tools, humor and experiential learning to foster new habits. Delivery is:

    1. On site, half day or whole day

    2. "Lunch and Learn"

    3.. Virtual learning modules single delivery or whole program

    4. Interactive Webinars

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