• Our Framework: a synthesis of consciousness, change theory & KPI's

    I (Michelle), have spent years searching for a comprehensive leadership and executive approach that engages and unleashes the best of women and men's creative excellence. Our framework is a synthesis of contemporary approaches to human development and inner change and involves listening to you the client, your context and your people.


    You are invited to watch Pozzy to Cozzy, the video as an example of shifting to a new leadership paradigm.

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    Our framework is 'integral' based on 1st, 2nd and 3rd person perspective

    1. Our four quadrant symbol represents our Integrated framework; comprehensive, conscious, respectful and expansive.
    2. The center point represents new perspectives and a new integrated leadership paradigm.
    3. The colors symbolize the evolution of conscious thought to Teal and beyond.

    The 'Shift' from Pozzy (Patriarchy) type leadership to a new operating system based on the circle - Cozzy




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      Integrating 'teal' level cognition

      in leadership

      Integrating the best version of masculine intelligence (orange sphere) and the best version of feminine intelligence (turquoise sphere) into a new evolved, complimentary and integrated 'whole' leadership paradigm.


      Visual by Graeme Bowman, Australia